Mr. Kim Huat Ooi

Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations and General Manager
Intel Products Vietnam

Kim Huat (KH) Ooi is vice president in Manufacturing and Operations and General Manager of Intel Products Vietnam (IPV). As the General Manager, KH sets the vision for IPV and drives Intel’s long-term business interests in Vietnam. His responsibilities include overseeing factory operations and employee relations; enriching the Intel image and brand; building strategic relationships with communities, media, governments, and local authorities; and working with the industry ecosystem, government, and society.

KH has 34 years of industry experience in semiconductor engineering and manufacturing operations, and most recently held the role of general manager of Penang (Malaysia) Assembly and Test Operations at Intel. Apart from Intel, KH has also worked briefly at Broadcom Inc. as VP of worldwide quality and as COO of Globetronics, Malaysia.

 Earlier in his Intel career, KH spent six years as a factory manager responsible for operational performance for Intel Atom SoC, networking and communications and chipset products. He also held various roles responsible for manufacturing quality and has earned two Intel Achievement Awards in his career, the first related to processor platform validation on the Intel Pentium® processor, and the second for his contributions to lead-free manufacturing systems.

 KH holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.