The Skilled STEM Workforce: Building Technology and Engineering Talent at Scale

As advancements in science and engineering change and shape new jobs across all industry sectors, the Vietnamese technical professional must be front and center in reskilling efforts to prepare the STEM workforce of the future. The conference theme this year focuses on how to develop a national roadmap to develop the Vietnamese STEM workforce at scale through flexible and innovative learning platforms.

Sessions and speakers will place important emphasis on an enterprise-wide partnership approach that leverages government programs, the private sector, and academic institutions to create scaled and innovative education and learning solutions to bridge the talent gaps in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics both today and into the future.

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Registration for STEMCON 2020 is limited and you must register online before the event to obtain confirmation to attend the conference. Your online registration includes lunch, coffee breaks, and open access to all plenary and afternoon sessions. Secure your spot at the conference by registering online early. English is the primary mode of communication at the conference. Translation will be provided. 

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If you have an innovative STEM business, product, startup, activity, or project, we want you to come display your work in the STEMCON Showcase Exhibition. The STEMCON 2020 Exhibition committee will be contacting those chosen to showcase their work at the conference with more details.

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