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March 8 & 9, 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

About STEMCON 2018

Industry 4.0 & STEM: “People will be the key to success and competitiveness” 

Leaders in industry and government recognize the Industrial Revolution 4.0 will require a massive transformation in leadership, employee skills, workplace culture, recruitment and training. Corporate leaders understand that to achieve real and sustainable performance improvements, people will be the “secret sauce” for their Industry 4.0 strategies to succeed.   

STEMCON 2018 will bring leaders from industry-academia-government together to discuss the challenges and opportunities for Vietnam to be a leader in building the human capital and public-private partnerships to achieve at the highest levels the opportunities of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.


STEMCON 2017 group of conference attendees

Meet our speakers

Ministry Senior Fellow
NISTPASS, Ministry of Science and Technology
Section Chief, Ho Chi Minh City
United States Agency for International Development
Program Liaison for Curricular Innovation, BUILD-IT
Arizona State University
Managing Director
First Solar Vietnam

Scholarship & award recognition at STEMCON 2018

This year at STEMCON, we are proud to be able to recognize our honored Vietnamese scholarship recipients who are innovating in STEM through programs offered by industry partners such as Pearson and eSilicon. One of the main challenges for Vietnam's educational systems, especially in Engineering and Technology - key STEM disciplines, is to close the gap between academia and industry, between theory and practice. The Pearson Innovation Award aims to recognize those individuals who are working towards addressing these challenges. The eSilicon scholarship program recognizes female students demonstrating excellence in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and related fields and encourages outstanding global citizenship. Join us as we recognize and honor the first recipients of these prestigious awards.

Group of students at 2017 STEMCON registration table

Registration is open!

Registration for STEMON 2018 is limited and will be awarded to those who register online first. Your online registration includes lunch, coffee breaks, and open access to all plenary and afternoon sessions. Secure your spot at the conference by registering online early. Follow us on Facebook to stay on top of conference updates. English is the primary language of STEMCON 2018. Translation will be provided. 


students at the 2017 STEMCON exhibition session

Apply to be an exhibitor in our Showcase Exhibition

If you have an innovative STEM business, product, startup, activity, or project, we want you to come display your work in the STEMCON Showcase Exhibition. The STEMCON 2018 Exhibition committee will be contacting those chosen to showcase their work at the conference with more details.